AutoPacific, the automotive research group, does an annual survey of new vehicle owners to see which models are really making buyers happy. With over 65,000 responses from across the country, AutoPacific has a good idea of what changes owners want to see in their vehicles. But for some vehicles, those changes are minimal to none – which means they qualify for an Ideal Vehicle Award (IVA). For a model to win an IVA, owners need to indicate that their vehicle meets or exceeds their expectations.

For the last six years, owners of the Jeep® Grand Cherokee have overwhelmingly found that this Jeep SUV meets or exceeds their expectations – and this year was no exception, marking the seventh consecutive win in the Mid-Size SUV segment for the 2017 model. Of course, for the most awarded SUV ever, another IVA is no surprise. But it’s still great to know that real drivers are so happy with their purchase.

As president of AutoPacific George Peterson said, “its excellent design, capability, and breadth of the product offering” are big factors in the annual success of this Jeep SUV. And while we’ll have to wait a while to hear about the next round of IVA winners, it seems likely that we’ll be congratulating the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee when next year’s IVAs are announced.

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