Whether you’re shopping for a used Jeep® Cherokee or a 2019 Jeep model in Connecticut, we know that the car buying process can be overwhelming. Thanks to the internet, shopping for a car and getting tips on the best practices is easy. However, while the internet allows you to research your options, it can also give you some bad advice.

Common car buying myths aim to help you save by giving you tactics to “trick” the dealership into giving you a better deal. However, here at Executive Jeep, we’ve found that many of these myths don’t give shoppers the advantages they’re looking for. We’re breaking down some popular myths and helping you go about getting your new car the right way.

A popular myth is that it’s best to shop at the dealership at certain times or during bad weather. The idea is that our sales staff will agree to a lower price at the end of the month or towards the end of the day to make a sales quota or be able to go home. Likewise, a rainy day means that no one will shop and we’ll be eager to sell. Unfortunately, rainy days are often busy because everyone knows of this myth. Also, the deals we’re allowed to offer come from the manufacturer, not the time of the month; and, we’re happy to stay past closing to help you find your perfect car.

Another myth is that you should hide the fact you’re trading in your existing car until you finalize the price of your new vehicle. It’s better to know your trade-in value by doing some research and being honest with us. We’re happy to work with you to get you a fantastic deal.

The truth about all these car buying myths, like bringing cash, getting a bank loan, and getting a lower price is that they don’t allow us to work with you to help you get a deal that works for your exact situation. As your Jeep dealer near Branford, CT  we want you to feel confident and aim to tailor our offerings to you specifically. Visit us today to learn how we can best help you!