Summer is the season for road trips. There’s time to take long drives to visit family, and the weather is perfect for driving with the windows down and taking in the sights. But your Jeep® dealers in Connecticut also know that many drivers are worried about fuel costs on these long road trips, especially with prices on the rise. Luckily, there are some effective ways to save gas and help your fuel go further, and we wanted to share a few with you today.

A good place to start is with your tires. Check your tire pressure to avoid the negative effect underinflated tires can have on fuel economy. Another easy way to preserve your fuel is to be careful about stopping, starting, and how you accelerate. Stopping and starting takes more gas than constant movement, so try to pick routes that include lots of highways and avoid crowded downtowns. When you do accelerate, resist the temptation to enjoy the great pickup on your Jeep SUV, and instead pick up speed slowly and smoothly to use less gas. And then there’s overall speed. While racing down an empty stretch of road can be fun, it can also be killer for your mileage. In fact, every mile per hour over 60 increases your fuel usage, so the more you can hold yourself to 60 miles an hour or below, the more miles you’ll get on a tank.

With some simple fuel saving tips and an SUV with good mileage to begin with, summer road trips are back on the table. To find the perfect Jeep SUV for your summer plans, visit the top location for new and used cars for sale near Branford, CT. Connecticut drivers are just a short trip away from Executive Jeep and the start of their summer adventures!