The 2017 Jeep® Compass has been making a name for itself in the United States and outside of it. This powerful and efficient SUV is the perfect combination of capabilities and practicality, making it a favorite with everyone from parents to commuters to off-road enthusiasts. In fact, the newest Jeep Compass is so versatile, and so beloved, that it has found a home for itself in a variety of countries around the globe. Most recently, India has joined China, Brazil, and Mexico in the manufacturing and export of the Jeep Compass, bringing the SUV to more drivers than ever before.

The production of the 2017 Jeep Compass at the Ranjangaon Joint Venture plant in India is exciting for a couple of reasons. Of course bringing a great SUV to new drivers is always worth celebrating, but this also marks the first Jeep Compass produced for right-hand-drive markets. So when right-hand-drivers around the globe look for the most capable compact SUV on the market, they’ll be able to find exactly what they need thanks to the FCA’s India plant and the Jeep Compass. 2017 is just the beginning of an exciting new partnership for India and the Jeep company.

While the Jeep Compass has long been available to Jeep dealerships in Connecticut, Branford, North Haven, and New Haven drivers who have had a chance to experience the fun and abilities of the SUV will appreciate how exciting it is for a whole new set of drivers to have access to the model. And if you haven’t yet taken the 2017 Jeep Compass for a test drive, now is your chance. Visit Executive Jeep today and find out exactly what drivers in India have to look forward to!